How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

How To Schedule A Post In WordPress

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : The ability to schedule posts is another great WordPress feature. It’s a very simple feature to use, yet many WordPress bloggers are not aware of it. Here’s how!

How To Claim Your Google Authorship Using WordPress and Genesis


Google Authorship is something that we all have the ability to Claim. Here’s how to do it using WordPress and the Genesis Framework.

What Does Google Authorship Mean and How Do I Claim Google Authorship

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Unless you are already a well-known writer, it can be very difficult to rise up in the ranks of Google. Luckily, Google has figured out how to help less-known writers get more easily discovered through a Google search. Here’s a look at why you should use Google+ and how to claim your authorship with Google.

Why Is My Photo Not In The Comments?

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Why do I not have a photo next to my comments but others do? It’s because you need something called a Gravatar!

Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : If you change your media settings, WordPress will create new image sizes for you as you upload new images but will not re-create your existing images. The solution to this problem is found in an elegant plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails written by Viper007Bond.

How To Set The WordPress Media Settings

How To Set Your WordPress Media Settings

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : Configuring the WordPress Media Settings correctly will give you a much easier experience with your images. It’s simple, only takes a few moments to do and will save you lots of time entering images.

How To Enter Links In A WordPress Post

WordpPess Tips

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : Entering links in a WordPress post is pretty easy. We’ll cover linking to external content and internal content.

TinyMCE Advanced – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : When I first started building sites in WordPress, I quickly ran into some limitations with the options available in the standard editor toolbar. After some searching in the forums, I found a great solution. It’s called TinyMCE Advanced.

Where To Find Royalty Free Images

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Posting articles at Life As A Human is one thing. Dressing them up with images is another thing entirely. While it’s easy enough to do an image search in Google or Yahoo, a great many of the images you will find have a copyright or a license attached to them. Unless our authors provide us […]

How To Build A Custom RSS Feed


RSS feeds are a great way to share other stories and other sites with your readers. The only thing is, when you add an RSS feed to your sidebar, you get everything that is posted to that feed and sometimes the content is not really what you want to show at your site. One story […]

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