What Makes Good Business Copy?

Good Business Copy

A MEMBERS ONLY POST : Guest author Dan L. Hays gives us some great tips on how to write good business copy.

Whatever Happened To Hi And Cheers?


E-mails should not be treated as a tweet or a text message. They should be written with care and attention. They don’t need to be missives but they should always contain a salutation and a valediction (adieu).

Step Into the Business World With a Virtual Office

Most virtual offices provide easily accessible meeting rooms.

Sooner rather than later with start-ups, the first exciting developments bring with them the need for a company address before they are actually able to afford a facility.

How to Promote your Business using Google Plus Local

Google Local Search

Guest Author Marcela De Vivo provides us with an excellent summary of how Google Plus Local ranks websites and what you can do to rank high in your local results.

Tomorrow, we’ll have orange sandwiches!


In my last article, I suggested that when someone says something you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to say so and to ask for clarification. Shortly after posting this little nugget of wisdom, my friend Eric called me to see if I had time for a chat over a coffee. I had not seen him […]

What are they talking about?


If you have ever started your own business, you will most likely have had to deal with various agreements and documents that are difficult to read, much less fully understand on a first go through. I am referring here to things like shareholder’s agreements, incorporation documents and the various legal and financial contracts that may […]

I don’t know but I’ll find out!


When a customer asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, the best answer is this: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out!”. When you do this, you are telling the truth and operating from a position of integrity.

Waiting for others can break your momentum!

You Need To Keep Moving Forward

A few times in my career, I have waited far too long for someone to get back to me or to complete a task that was central to the business I was working on. In both instances, the combined lost opportunity costs were significant. How did this happen?

Be Responsive!

be responsive

About 12 years ago, I was having a discussion with a colleague from Toronto on the subject of message overload. We both managed a sales force in our respective parts of the country. Both of us were receiving in excess of 60 e-mails and 25 phone calls a day. I asked him how he handled […]

Advice on starting a new business or re-energizing your career


Having your own business can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. However, starting a new business requires you to make many important decisions. A large number of new businesses fail because they did not give enough thought to some important questions. If you are thinking about starting a new business, the following list of articles […]

Our problems are simply a blank canvas waiting for a solution. So, what kind of an artist will you be today?

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